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The Return of the Triple Threat SFoL Class Cards + Info


Yea, cuz NK is so OP.


bypass death immunity then, because death immunity is prob better then healing


Frenzy can also penetrate visit prevention and occupation I’m p sure


Why would need NK lives even worse?


why would you use it on a NK compared to a prince


I’m mainly doing this to spite princes, anyway we can do that?


Prince = dead n1 as always?



Late game abilities exists




Though okay, kill a player visiting target?


But yeah, bypassing heals would be better as they’re more common forms of protection


That way, you don’t actually have to commit suicide


People would complain about rng


Nah. Only Nuke would complain. RNG is cool.


put a list of players from top to bottom and whoever visits your target who is on the highest part of the list dies


Death immunity sources:

Priest, NK passive, guard (assuming king is good)

Heal sources:
Phys, Alch

Which is more common? 2nd option


Biased. I’d rather rng tho


Nuke would complain though.:wink:


He’s 1 person


No I’m his alt you are his alt we are all his alts