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The Return of the Triple Threat SFoL Class Cards + Info


Also shock bypasses redirect immunity apparently, I’m still upset it doesn’t bypass prince.



Prince should be special classtype but itd ruin cult converts here


I also thought to make pally invest but decided not to


Yeah, for this it actually needs the buffs though like occupation but in normal fol It should lose occupation immunity.


Kinda dumb Assassin can’t kill anybody if Kidnapper deciding to execute. Can you explain the reason behind it?


Because you get a unstopppable kill.


Basically a shittier frenzy. If you pair this with 2-for-1. 3kpn for 1 night


The best Cult Ability in the West.


It’s Actually good, you occupy the targets as well


I personally dont want cult having eradicate like in triple threat 2 as acolyte exists and that’s already a decent buff to cult kpn


Or 1 if Assassin is going to be occupied 100%. HAHA /s


Especially considering your two main threats as cult are both killers


Actually maybe I could.

Poacher is an extra bleed to unseen

Acolyte hunter is an extra bleed to cult


Let’s talk about how garbage knight cult alt is.

Make it a attack that bypasses death immunity and maybe healing and it kills them as well? (Not this game talking about in general for FOL)


Knight!Invoker is basically vanilla knight + vanilla invoker


Is that a new class or you meant Assassin?


Agreed. It’s basically a spare sacrifice and if we include Acolyte into the mix, it’s even shittier considering Aco has Sacrificial Knife that doesn’t kill him


Separate KP who works better than Frenzy? No.


it’s a worse frenzy, because it kills him as well also cult have to sac a member that isn’t him to kill


Target can’t be healed? Yes
Bypass Night Immunity? Press X to disagree