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The Return of the Triple Threat SFoL Class Cards + Info


Xed? badumtss


Like I want it to be too


Like I want it to be too as it’s not fun to play unbalanced games


Honestly we won’t know how it goes until it’s tested tbh.


Rn I think the balancing is p decent imo


The MM buff was needed to keep up with cult

In fol
Cult > unseen


Let the person have an option to deny being converted into sheriff/paladin
So they don’t screw their team if they are needed.
Also so evils have a reasonable claim as why they didn’t get converted


I agree. But what should happen like if they deny

I’ll also allow players to deny prince


idk :thinking:


The person they checked last time?


Redirecting it to a random non unique bd player isn’t really an option as first player will deny it this confirming 2 players




This is difficult tbh


Well redirecting it confirms 2 people so yeah.

So let’s leave it at accept or deny


They must be pretty important if they deny tbh


It’s only prince sheriff or paladin who would deny.

Hunter maybe


But bd doesn’t need any more buffs from here so let’s leave it at accept or deny


Or a class they need say a noble because they lose majority without the double vote, a butler cause they need to nightshade the king, there is a lot of situations where being converted can lose you the game.


Not, if only BD/Town is getting screwed. :wink:


But also like triple threat 2
Unseen have convert priority over cult