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The Return of the Triple Threat SFoL Class Cards + Info




but really, templar is a great lategame convert for Unseen as it allows them to kill cultists as well as the assassin kill target


Multiple Sheriffs and Paladins for max chaos?




Make one always spawn but make them not unique tbh


and make their classcap 2?


Or that, I really have no problem with none of them being here but the fact is BD actually needs a lot of buffs, I fear that the king one isn’t enough.


That could work.


Paladin and Sheriff both have tools to turn people into their class if they die and they have one extra invest buff

Paladin cleanse only 1 day cooldown.
Expert Invest targeting 2 unless Deputy is used


Oh I see that’s neat.


It’s terrible idea. In current state, they would be to powerful if it they weren’t unique.
Unless you want fuck Cult with 2 Paladins


Cult pretty much got buffed with Acolyte.
Unseen got buffed via MM.

Both got buffed via convert everyone


I didn’t see them being buffed like that


And considering they can possibly turn bd into them


i can’t wait for the sheriff to be converted into the paladin
The ultimate troll


I cant wait for the prince to turn into the new sheriff


Both Sheriff and Paladin are powerful. It’s not bad that BD would have some strong classes but as UNIQUE. I would prefer to not having Townsided shitshow.


That will even be more funny


This sfol wasnt supposed to be balanced tbh.

Its point is to actually be a mess.

@techwolves feel free to use my classcards for return of the cult, I’ll help ya out with neuts too when you’re working on it


I believe this can be balanced.