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The Return of the Triple Threat SFoL Class Cards + Info

  1. Order is infinite in noble apostle
  2. No shit it’s the fuckin prince


I feel like this will be mass-claim inducing somehow as everyone is convertable anyways and there are no neuts. There is no Prince/Paladin/Sheriff to protect since they can get converted anyways.


But thing is, massclaim is bound to happen

Its FoL afterall


I don’t have the experience to really comment on that, but I’m just saying that this setup, even more so than normal, particularly encourages it. If that’s what you desire, that is what it is.


I dont desire it but okay

Players can suffer when all convert protectives die


Alright what do we have to do


Kidnapper is Removed.

King and Prince are made convert immune.


king was made convert immune before i was just lazy and forgot to update


Love it


Livicus you know the whole point of this was to make prince not convert immune now the only different in this mode is paladin/sheriff are convertible


and then that makes Prince mega-swingy


I understand that but let’s be real you changed nothing now besides pally and sheriff


I’ll have to ask Pug

it’s his game


I mean I should return it honestly.

makes it more interesting


but more swingy

it’s all up to you Pug


I mean swingy makes the game more fun


then this time you should give Cult an alt that lets them kill the player in the jail

or else the Cult converted Prince gets some susp


Why though. Cult don’t need a strongman kill



Prince has the ability to kill and then suddenly doesn’t


uses the cult leader kill and signs it as prince