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The Return of the Triple Threat SFoL Class Cards + Info


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Should Smite make the Paladin convert immune when he uses it too? (doesn’t kill converter)

  • yes
  • broken
  • no

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small solace in at least getting 1 night where you choose to make yourself convert immune


and killing any attackers


ah yes

that too


Actually, just make it so it kills all evils when you use it. Bypassing night immunity. :stuck_out_tongue:


how about no


A knight CSing cult/unseen and getting converted in the same breath doesn’t warrant conversion immunity. So I see no reason for this to be a thing


Bear warrants convert immunity


Bear is PGOesque, however smite is a direct investattack on someone


Smite is like bear actually.

Not cleanse. Don’t confuse with cleanse


Oh I confused it with cleanse

Yeah keep conv immunity on paladin, make it guaranteed but non-unique




:man_facepalming: you dont understand this mode

Its where everyone can be converted. Even Prince

Only exception is king


Does prince get a special cult alt?


No. Execute just isn’t a thing

I could make a alt but gaining prince is already a huge benefit


Cult Prince would have X shot jails right?


Infinite jails still tho considering no alts for imprison


Kidnapper just has one execute as unseen’ converts are stronger for their less members and converts


That makes him the strongest cult convert imo given that his abilities are infinite as cult alt.

I don’t mind kidnapper having an execute because as you said its similar to frenzy