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The Resistance 0001 [Cancelled]


Aye, but even so

It’s a 9 player game, it shouldn’t even be that hard to fill


the game mode is fine, but would be better as turbo seeing as nobody cared enough to actually think or gather input before putting lineups forward


I joined this game because I thought a 9 player game would be fast, and inactives would be non-existent but that was not the case at all :slight_smile:


Don’t run turbos just think before you propose teams


You have to keep in mind there are completely different game modes and i probably won’t be very mistaken if I say most players on this site aren’t to tryharding even in competitive games.


@Marluxion I thought it weas Tw1light
turns out Tw1 is really good at the game and I won’t underestimate her again


…how did you not realize it was boopy


It’s a damn good thing i rolled assassin or i’d have left this game very salty


… me big brain

Also i’ve actually remembered that meta is garbage