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The Resistance 0001 [Cancelled]


Ici makes sense too



Regular ol’ agent here




Yeah I just checked and also I knew the non Ici ones


I tried to frame him


2 of my 4 guesses to the host were correct then


Did you figure out Bodyguard at any point?


I was certain that Maximus was Town because I figured if all four scum were the 4 M-names cb would have rerolled


I think it’s best if the commander never discovers who the bodyguard is

Because if they can discover it, chances are so can the scumteam


I mean,I was obvious,my teammates tried to stop me from hacking and I hacked


I thought about rerolling immediately after seeing you as Commander and Marl and Ici as Spies


I decided to let it play. It was entirely random.


That’s not how it works


Now this is over

Anyone fancy joining Scales of Justice? :smirk:


If anyone is interested in the Resistance templates I made, lemme know.


Nice plug


woulda been nicer if it worked


I want it to run uwu


I mean


But the numbers to time ratio is kind of indicating that it won’t happen

Like Eevee’s was set up today and already has like twice the people


Pretty much every Eevee game autofills ridiculously quickly