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The Resistance 0001 [Cancelled]


Hosting was so enjoyable until I started getting complaints about it being boring. Really lowered my morale.


I will try hosting it in the future, unless someone else wants to. I can share my templates with you.



Here you go.


In case anyone was interested.


Are you deleting messages?


@Firekitten speak of this to no one


Speak what of no one? That I like cake? I really do like cake…


Jesus Baz

You played horribly


Nothing anyone did mattered after Insanity blew Jazz’s cover


I think it’s stupid to ever include an all knowing town in a game tbh


Not really. Commander makes the game 10x more interesting.


Avalon was critically acclaimed to be better when released. That’s why they retroactively released an expansion for Resistance.


Merlin is bae.




I’m sorry I canned the game, life threw a curveball at me. :frowning_face:


And with recent events ousting me from the community, I wasn’t really able to keep the game going.


It’s okay man

Sidenote holy fuck being Commander is stressful


Imagine having all the answers, and being unable to say anything.


I haven’t read the sheet yet I’m gonna guess the Deep Cover was Bluestorm