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The Resistance 0001 [Cancelled]


@Insanity is the royal guard who knew your identity as Commander


This is canned?


This is correct, Insanity was BG, also correct.


Yes cb said so in meteors card


I was morgana


I can post spread sheet


Actually too easy. I would never have changed my kill target. I’m calling this an imperial win, because that’s what it would have been



RIP this, it was fun to play


@Jazz don’t feel bad, Insanity is the one who gave it away in my opinion


How did they


Not even trying to hide it


No it wasn’t. You bitched about how long it took.


Bazinga wasn’t scum
Boopy put him as a scumread to try to throw us off.


If you really enjoyed it, you wouldn’t have told me it was boring.


It was fun,people being mainly inactive made it feel slow


I can’t control that. I felt like you guys were blaming me for time constraints that I SAID in the OP.


Me, talking normally to Jaz
Insanity literally made this EZ mode


Reduce the voting time to 12 hours


Pretty sure I suggested that earlier