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The Resistance 0001 [Cancelled]


If this vote fails I vote to concede


This reads like scum knowing there aren’t any scum in the selection and wanting to appear town in the long run by saying they’d concede if the mission fails.

I’m a lot more confident in this mission’s success now.


if this vote fails we dont have to concede


So what you’re saying is “hey if this fails let’s give the inperials the win” yeah no thanks


if this fails the imperials win


If you want to concede refuse the node


they just fucking win immediately


s c u m m y p o s t??


w o l f y p o s t??


I mean if they fail thje mission, they cant fail this


You don’t accept nodes when you think there are hackers in them to ‘Test Reactions’. You are a hacker.


@cbman Ici’s selection is above, if you’re around to process it. (Post 791)




@cbman ici confirmed his selection
can we just auto accept the node since no one is going to reject it (or they’d be gamethrowing)


RIP the game?


Where did he say that


In my rolecard


Add me to it


Well this is now canned
@Jazz You are the Commander and I’m the Assassin. You were my kill 100% of the time.


I’m correct in my read, yeah?