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The Resistance 0001 [Cancelled]


Well…I will say there is at least one scum on this team.

It is either you or Marl.

But we are forced to accept this team anyway.


2 scum is a better idea than 1 scum

You can hope they both expect the other to fail
Or they both fail which helps with PoE


I learned everything I wanted to know for now. I’m waiting for results of this mission to see if i’m right or not.

Too bad your ISO is full of ranting about inactivity or pointless questions instead of actual contribution. Of course it isn’t like you were Agent in the first place.


Too bad agents exposed the commander for the Imperials


is this a scumclaim?


Also the result is accepted or Imperial victory.




What that supposed to mean? :thinking:


I just want to test the reaction :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyway, tinfoil time:

Marl, Ici, Meteoro, and Bazingaboy.


Tinfoil time:
You are morgana


are you sure


Uhm, what?


Why Morgana in all of the imperial role?


WHY would you pick bluestorm when we just rejected his vote because he was scum? If you’re town this is borderline throwing


Scummy post


Shitty excuse


Honestly inclined to agree that blue may be scum but we have no choice but to accept or else the inperials win




Wolfy post