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The Resistance 0001 [Cancelled]


Is this dead?


I mean I sure hope not

I’d expect a little more discussion than this


Someone is always super late submitting their votes it’s pretty annoying


At this rate this turbo mode type game will finish in a month lmao


The votes are in!

Accepted: Insanity, BlueStorm, Icibalus, Marluxion, MaximusPrime

Rejected: Meteoro, Twil1ight, Margaret, bazingaboy, Boopydoop

The vote was rejected!

Four(4) missions have been rejected so far.


@Icibalus is the Leader!

Prepare for the second mission! You need a team of four, and one spy can fail it.

Deadline is 12/30/18 at 18:00 GMT-5


Please select a good team


We already know what Ici’s going to select


Why TF did Insanity accept that if he thinks I’m scum


So Insanity is a hacker and someone in that group of 4 was also a hacker. That’s the only conclusion that I can come to


@Icibalus, @Marluxion, @Margaret, @BlueStorm

I would like these 4, @cbman

Anybody who forces this mission to fail (by rejecting it) is gamethrowing by the way


You have to /comfirm,but you should change the team,that team has at least 2 hackers.


Wow a lock wolf just walked up to me and told me that there are two spies on the team
thanks for confirming that there aren’t any wolves on the team


why 2 hackers?


which 2 are you reading as hacker?


You and ici


this aint it chief


you got me interested by calling 2 hackers instead of one
but that read ain’t it


It’s true,too bad this game is already lost due to inactivity


@MaximusPrime @Margaret @Twil1ight @Insanity actually contribute and start posting, thanks