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The Resistance 0001 [Cancelled]


Three(3) rejects


If this is rejected then people have no choice but to accept Ici’s, which he’s stated above.


I just want everyone to know that I wait for all votes and actions before I post results. I have recieved a couple complaints of the speed of this game, and I am sorry. I have not had to enforce a time limit yet, so if you guys want this game to go faster, make sure to submit votes.


I also do not wait for a deadline before posting results. I post them immediately.


I am rejecting this,and I encourage others to reject


I was about to redirect you to Ici’s option and ask you to consider which of those two options you would prefer

But then I realised it doesn’t matter since you’re scum anyway


Time limits will start being enforced harshly.


What is the time limit?


Christ, talk about a rock and a hard place


I’m banking on one of these two proposed teams having 2 scum that won’t submit fails because they think the other one will

But which


Wait no I have no choice


If we reject this, we have to accept ici’s team, meaning if he’s scum he’ll put exactly one scum on the team so the mission will fail


I know we need 2 fails to lose but that’s still a big risk


I made him call his team early

If he goes against it and chooses something else (if this fails), he better have a damn good reason for it


Being scum is a pretty good reason


And by “if this fails” I mean if it gets rejected




Why would it matter if icibalus is scum? He’s already on this team!


wow you didn’t fucking read what I said at all