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The Resistance 0001 [Cancelled]


Okay, now to actually DISCUSS this.

Current thoughts are for a Myself/Maxi/Marl/Marg team for this one

My main worry is that I don’t have a clear read on Celeste so if I find someone else that I can read as town then I’ll make amends but for now, that’s my team I’m thinking of putting forward.

Once again I’d put Boopy into this one but because everyone assumes Marl/Boopy is TvS I have to leave someone out in order to give this thing any hope of passing.


Just everyone reject this and get icibalus in


Why am I being townread, I’ve pretty much done nothing?

Also weren’t you in the first node as well or was that wazza or baz

Will discuss more when I finally get home


What the fuck has margaret done thats towny lol. Why would we trust one of the two most scummy players in the game (meteor/blue is a guaranteed scum between them)

Just skip


@Icibalus needs to choose himself, me, maximus and +1 next vote


I was in the first node, yes

However I believe Meteoro is the sole scum out of that first node




You can’t backup, you replaced out


Me + You + Maxi + Ici is a good party imo


Marg literally just suggested the worst team what are you on


She’s not tryharding like scum Celeste usually does

But this is the sort of discussion I want rather than just diving in with a gut list of people


Since clearly we’re not getting anywhere otherwise

/choose @BlueStorm @MaximusPrime @Marluxion @Icibalus

This better not fuck me


Reject vote at the ready : p


Tell you what

before you do that

@Icibalus propose your team now.

We’re the only two options now (since if you get rejected it’s an instant fail) so this essentially becomes a comparison of whose choice is better.


Me, Marluxion, Margaret, You


@BlueStorm, @MaximusPrime, @Marluxion and @Icibalus have been chosen by @BlueStorm for the second mission!

Everyone, please accept or reject this team by messaging me your choice!

The deadline is 12/29/2018 at 11:00 GMT-5


i am accepting this


Don’t we kinda have to accept this?

Status on the dragonator?


I’m perfectly content with Blue’s team by the way,


(What’s the rejection count)