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The Resistance 0001 [Cancelled]


Also while I’m at it

@Icibalus c’mere and make your case as to why you should be put on the node without just saying “I’m town” cause I’m in a weird spot with you atm

  1. Two people are from failed Mission.
  2. There is likely at least 2 scum in this team

In other words: No


Sorry but you’re a scumread for me

I’m not here to twist my vote to appease you


Vote, proposal, bleh

Same difference


Why i should care what read has scum on me? :roll_eyes:


Asks people what their thoughts on team. Immediately denies opinion that isn’t lines with his


Wrong. Look what I had just said to Marl.


Opinion = 1
Opinions = More than 1


I don’t care if I get on the node or not. I just care if villagers get on the node or not, and as far as I’m concerned Boopy is NOT a villager.


You’re right I’m not a villager I’m a resistance agent


You’re right I’m not a Villager I’m Isabelle


I’m not Isabelle I’m Tracer


I’m already tracer




Anyone here(apart from cbman)?




still no




The votes are in!

Accepted: Insanity, Margaret

Rejected: Meteoro, Twil1ight, BlueStorm, Icibalus, Marluxion, bazingaboy, Boopydoop, MaximusPrime

The vote was rejected!

Three(3) missions have been rejected so far.


@BlueStorm is the Leader!

Prepare for the second mission! You need a team of four, and one spy can fail it.

Deadline is 12/29/18 at 18:00 GMT-5