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The Resistance 0001 [Cancelled]


whoose idea is it to keep putting boopy on missions and where can I punch them


Rejecting because I think Insanity is scum

Unsure about Boopy

Margaret is probably town but also can’t be sure on her. Not a fan of this proposal


/spectate @cbman


pretty sure this game has more spectators than luxy’s game has players






@BlueStorm you’re next, for the love of god talk about your proposal before yoloproposing it unlike marg and twi


This but about marl


Well,another team to reject…
@cbman how many teams have failed?


2 so far this mission.


Please make sure you are voting as soon as possible so we can keep the game moving. I have received a DM with concerns the game is moving too slow.


I did mention my proposal earlier

Myself, You, Maxi, Boopy/Celeste

I’m pretty sure Meteoro is scum out of the first node, I’m also pretty sure that you and Boopy is TvT but I also know people view Boopy as scum so it kind of leaves me with nullreads to put in as my last slot which I don’t like


I personally don’t really mind the mission but I’m also pretty sure there’s one scum in Ici/Insanity/Celeste and I trust thinking through my choice more than accepting someone else’s


How about nobody puts me or marl on their team for now, hmm?


The general consensus has been reached that at least one of us is scum

So, at least for this 1 mission, maybe don’t put us on it


Not an option for me, I’m afraid.

My POV is neither are scum, so to exclude both of you would mean I’d have to make a perfect choice.


I refuse this idea


Thoughts on my proposed team above?


Me you Maxi I like
not sure between boopy and celeste


And this is why you don’t just dive in with a team proposal

What are your thoughts on Ici? I have him down as a slight scumlean from Wazza’s slight distance from them earlier on but it’s not really substantiated by anything else so I wanna pick other people’s brains cause I might be wrong on him