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The Resistance 0001 [Cancelled]


Tell me why Me vs Marl is SvS


It was bad


More transparent than saran wrap




Also you can’t say it’s transparent when you are the only person who thinks it’s SvS


I’m basically the only one playing the game though






We’ll see who gets the last laugh when icibalus uses my list and our mission succeeds


What team are you planning?


So what would you propose if you are the leader right now?


But in reality, the list you propose will most likely be a failure in the mission.


Dunno yet, I’m not the leader yet so i have more time to think before i propose

I want to hear Bazinga’s list before anything


Marg liked my tinfoil post I assume thats supposed to be a “sure let’s go with the story of me being clever scum not bad town” : p


i think that was more of a condescending “lolsure” like


but who really knows :thinking:



your proposed scenario doesn’t make any sense

if a scum knows their partner is close after them, they want theirs accepted so scum will have another chance at a fail sooner


Maybe it was a “you’re absolutely correct you total genius”


Fair point


@Margaret, @Insanity, @Marluxion and @Jazz have been chosen by @Margaret for the second mission!

Everyone, please accept or reject this team by messaging me your choice!

The deadline is 12/27/2018 at 18:00 GMT-5