The Resident / The Conspirator [BD Social / Unseen Social]

Time to have a lot of ToL Vets say this wouldn’t work.

This is mainly a suggestion for the Forums, but it could be used for the games

The Resident

Blue Dragon Social
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

Converts into The Conspirator or The Apostle

The Conspirator

Unseen Social
Your objective is to defeat the Blue Dragon and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

anyone who gets this would want to be replaced

Well then a good strat for evils would just be to replace themselves, invalidating the strat.

Okay whether or not this is a good or bad idea

“Replace out strategically” doesn’t sound like… something you should ever say even remotely seriously

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Stop trying to add VT to FoL


So basically someone will get this class and not try, Unless they like being VT, what would the spawn ratio be, I’m assuming this isn’t random.

Well theres a reason why we’d say that, it’s not like you put any effort into the class it’s just suggesting VT, you don’t explain how it will spawn or anything.

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Why should I say the spawn rules? Why should they be different?

It be hilarious for a April fools update for tol to just make everyone on both teams a vt. They all have their names and alignments they just cant use any abilities

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yes because a class that is worse then every other class should just randomly spawn with the rest.

Your balance idea makes no sense.

I mean, this role would also be favorable to hosts as it… does nothing.

But besides that, I think that a guarenteed 1-3 residents might be balanced, but I will need more than just my opinion on this.

Not really, I don’t really think a role that doesn’t do much will help hosts that much. certainly not enough to put a role that isn’t balanced at all

every random spawn class should be near to equal I get that sometimes one class is just going to be more better.

I’m not trying to bash your ideas but I think theres a reason why people don’t like this one.

People don’t like VT because it doesn’t get to do anything all game. This is a virtue, as your death doesn’t remove any power from the town in the long run.

No people don’t want to play it it’s boring and more suited for FM because the games are balanced around it TOL isn’t balanced around VT

It literally is meant for FoL

YES but it isn’t balanced for FOL either.

Why isn’t it? You could ultimately soft anything heavily, and if the scum pick it up, you die. This protects the actual PRs


Are you serious? you wouldn’t need to bait scum in the first place if you were a normal pr and not a random VT spawn.

I’m done here, feel like I’m talking to a brick wall

Guaranteed anything is unbalanced because it means that anyone who’s the sole Anything claimer is semi-confirmed starting BD

that’s why we cut guaranteed healers and sheriffadins

Prince is Unbalanced unless it is no longer guarenteed then.