The Princess Bride - FM Discussion

-Oh. hey there. It’s me, Wazza and I’m planning on hosting a Princess Bride FM, if you don’t know what Princess Bride is, I recommend watching it on Netflix or something. It’s a good movie, also, there may or may not be spoilers below.

Okay anyway, now that we got the warning out of the way, this thread has been created as I am looking for ideas for this FM (as suggested I do so from Geyde), anyway, I may or may not make this game a closed game so classcards probably won’t be worked on here, maybe just the mechanics, anywayyy, help me think of ideas please.

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you killed my father

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prepare to die

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great quote.

Make all roles either Male or Female and have some roles depending on which. For example;
Jealous guy (day)- If your loved one is visited by a guy, you will kill the guy and grant your loved one death immunity.

I don’t think you’ve ever watched Princess Bride have you?

It’s a good movie.

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it has s w o r d f i g h t s


auto 10/10

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No I haven’t.

And wine


go watch it on netflix or something.

and its where the term WIFOM is from

asking for suggestings just tells people what to suspect

For example there should be a town poisoner that gives a person two cups one of posiosned one isn’t

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But they were both poisoned.

Spoilers for the movie.

I’m actually currently watching the movie again rn lol.

I’m kinda thinking on the lines of setting it out like Alice’s classcards in things like Nier and stuff.

I can steal an idea from M451.
They had a WIFOM game

Go ahead.