The Priest( BD Offensive)

The Priest
Blue Dragon Offensive

[Passive] Defiance - When Priest is Occupied when using Revive, revive is not used, though if the player was a jump or disguised you will be occupied.
[Passive] Two Souls One Vessel - You will know if the wisp did an action that affected the game( e.g Calm Mind Protects, Knight CS or butler poison.
[Night] Revive - Revive a player transforming them into a Wisp - 1 Use

The Soulcatcher
Unseen Dragon Offensive

[Passive] Defiance - When Priest is Occupied when using Locked Spirits, Locked Spirits is not used.
[Night] Locked Spirits - If the first assassin died, transform the current assassin to their previous
class and allow the dead first assassin to use their abilities again. (Goes through poss jumps) - 1 Use

The Wisp
[Passive] Two Dimensions - To all other players you will appear dead, this means you cannot talk, vote or be voted, if you kill a player no death note will show. You will be able to use any abilities of your previous class ,though you can’t use abilities that alert all members of the court( e.g Imprison, Telepathy or Twin) though abilities like inoculation, wolf bleed and butler poison are all fine. Any abilities that target the Wisp will instead target the priest, this includes hunters bear or chronomancers PD.

[Passive] Soul Bound - If the original priest is killed or converted you will die, the priest may be able to communicate with you though you can’t communicate with the priest at night

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does this mean there would be 4 unseen

so the priest can talk to you put you cant talk back?

so a cm would show only if successful, but what about regular night abils? Like a normal occupy?

To address everything although yes you can have 4 unseen, the The Soulcatcher is mainly useless, so giving another unseen member there abilities back isn’t that overpowered considering you still have the voting power of 3 unseen.

Yes you can only talk to the wisp this is to prevent metagaming, the reason you can talk to them is basically just to tell them who to target.

An Occupation changes the game so yes you will be told if it succeeds though if prevented you will gain no info.


Death Knight v2

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I started playing ToL in the golden age of the death knight

Wait no
I actually think I started playing ToL for the first time slightly before death knight was a thing

I see you are a man of culture as well