The Poltergeist (Neutral Offensive)

Poltergeist - 1st form

Neutral offensive

win condition: die and then have the player responsible for your death lose

passive: if you die for any reason, instead of going to the graveyard, go to your second form. The person responsible for your death is now haunted by you.

Night ability 1 (inf use): tornado (exactly like court wizard)
Night ability 2 (2 uses): frame yourself and redirect someone to you

Day ability (inf use): pick a class; if you die for any reason your body will appear as that class

Poltergeist - 2nd form

win condition: the person you are haunting loses

passive 1: You are exactly like a dead person except you don’t have access to dead chat and still have abilities. You may only interact with the game via your abilities.
passive 2: While the hauntee is alive, you can see everything they see (including their class, whispers, cultseen chat and night feedback)

Night ability 1 (inf use): tornado
Night ability 2 (same number of charges as you had of first form night ability 2): if the hauntee is still alive, frame them and redirect someone to them

Day ability (3 uses): silence
Day ability (1 use): force someone to vote for someone else and prevent them voting for the rest of the day

Special cases:

  • If several people are responsible for your death, one of them is chosen at random to be haunted.
  • If you died by trial, it’s randomly chosen among the people who voted execute.

What happens if it is executed during the day?


You appear as the class you chose to appear as

The person you haunt is randomly chosen amongst those who voted execute (like it says at the bottom under special cases)


You get exed
Your target is a Scorned
You were the Scorned’s second mark

this should probably be ‘last voter’ or somethin

RNG bad

this should probably have limited uses

that’s about all ive got to say

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This is infinite use to allow swapping. It is a passive ability.

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Why should your body disguise only have limited uses? What’s even the logic behind limiting its use? The poss has a similar ability and it is infinite use (only difference is poss’s only triggers when the poss jumps; this one triggers if you die for any reason)

because then you disguise yourself on trial and then boom that one person just gets killed incredibly quickly

or well something like that

just think its a really strong abil

though maybe not in ToL

just might make the poltergeist think more about what they choose

Who is “that one person” ? It’s probably not the person you’re haunting (even with your suggestion of the last person to vote).

Also scorned does the same thing except twice in one game instead of once (and on other people instead of themselves) and it’s not particularly overpowered.


flip altering feels strong

Scorned needs to push obvious agenda to get use of it

this class will play like fool 9/10