The Plague [Idea Refining]

The Basics:

Players are given 3 character cards. Whoever is the Plague will automatically have the 3 Plague Characters. Everyone else will have the others distributed normally.

“Areas” are places that players send their characters. You can’t send 2 of your characters to the same area. Areas may or may not do something special if you go there.

If a Character’s infection level reaches 5, they die. It will be announced who’s characters die.

Sample Characters:


The Plague Doctor

When visiting an area, you will increase the infection level of all non-medicals by 1.
You cannot be infected

Patient Zero

You cannot die to the infection.
Your infection level cannot go below 1.

News Anchor

When visiting an area, if anyone has an infection level of 3 or more, everyone there will be quarantined. This includes yourself.

The Plague wins if all of the Citizens are dead.



You will cure everyone in the area if no Plague characters are in the area.
You will reduce the Infection level of everyone in the area by 1
If the Plague Doctor is in the area, you will be infected.


You will know how many people are infected in an area, and what the maximum infection level is.
If Patient Zero is in the area, you will be infected, and you will receive no results.



You will know if you are infected if your level reaches 2.

The Citizens win if the Plague is eradicated.

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