The Painter [Blue Dragon Investigative]

See I like the idea of an active investigative but I feel like this class is borderline useless



Whatever class it was that was basically this but you got to pick classes from a list would be much better

So I guess I’ll hope this was a joke with a good idea behind it and not an actual suggestion where you need to already know the player’s class to get a guilty result

i would guess its better used to confirm claims, and have the wider end be the guilty result

You can’t pick BD classes

you right

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it’s not a joke, but I forgot when i first posted something like this we had sort of agreed it would be better as a replacement for maybe maid nosy servants or something instead of a primary ability

But why can you not pick BD classes

As-is you’d be hard-pressed to find an ability in the game that is less useful

Which of course means you’re going to use literally any other ability you have access to instead of this, making it a literal nonfactor as a secondary ability

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n1: check d1 merc for sellsword, if no merc claims check a random for assassin just like sheriff

n2: check invest claims for cult leader, knight claims for NK, etc.

n3: ability becomes more useful as game goes on


Lynch the D1 Merc, Matchmake literally everyone you just mentioned because it will give you far more useful info overall

lynching a merc is about as low priority as it gets, painter beats matchmake in possible-fool scenarios even though it’s still susceptible to frames, painter doesn’t have the problem of royal incompatibility or accidentally matching a neutral check (which wastes 2 nights), and the lead is more concrete, also getting busted by a painter would not feel as lame as getting busted by a maid, it requires more skill


Also lol

my point is paint would be more useful than nosy servants which I have never had a positive result on except that one time I got mindwarped

My point is “slightly more useful than nosy servants” is not a good reason to put something in the game




it’s not slightly more useful than nosy servants, it’s a billion times more useful than nosy servants, also what other class are you referring to?

1,000,000,000 * 0.0 = ???


The one benefit of this class I can see is that it would specifically discourage people from claiming any of the super common fakeclaims for their specific class (Maid as MM, Knight as Assa, etc.)?