The Outcast [Neutral Killer]

“They hate me, despite me trying to help them. I will still try my best.”

The Outcast [Neutral Killer]


Willpower - The first time you willingly kill a Blue Dragon with your abilities, you will lose this passive instead.
Outsider - You are immune to framing and tailors. You also lose your abilities when all Non-King Unseen or Cult are eradicated.

Day Abilities

Blade of Justice - Cause a player to start bleeding. They will die in two nights if they aren’t healed. (2 uses)
Impatient - If you find your target to be a member of the Unseen or Cult, you will attack them instead of gaining a use of Slay. Disables Outsider passive for this night. (1 use)

Night Abilities

Stalk - Determine if your target is a member of the Unseen or Cult. Gain a use of Slay if they are. (Inf uses)
Slay - Attack a player. If you found them as Unseen or Cult, this attack bypasses Death Immunity.

Goal: Live to the end of the game and see the Unseen or Cult Defeated.

…I feel like making a BD-sided NK would be kind of bad for game balance…

It’s an NK that doesn’t roll in the Neutral Killer slot. I’ve already made a post about making Psychopathic Killers (Possessor, Sorcerer, Reaper) a different category altogether.

Is this also affected by Willpower?

What’s a tailor? Also why does a class get to naturally be immune to this?


Why not gain a use of Slay?

So it’s an investigative? So this class is special?

What does it matter if they were death immune?

Might as well make this a Blue Dragon class.

I give up with this world

Why though

Like a second Prince…

Because this is a class that is stronger than a regular BD class aligned against evils whereas usually this slot is reserved for classed aligned against BD.

It’s creating even more swing on the neutral benign/evil spectrum for what reason exactly? You could just play BD and have the same playstyle. The neutral only adds a very mild scenario of being able to side with NK and is simultaneously very strong, so it creates another imbalance between NK and main evil faction even.


Also if it dies it loses.

That the NK might kill because of how BD sided it is.

Have you considered that if your neutral class is so BD sided that it’s mechanically better for BD than many BD classes, that might be a problem with the design of the class?

So it should be a BD class that loses when it dies?

I’m not sure what the polite way to say ‘no, something this powerful shouldn’t be a class in the first place’ is.

A powerful class should be hard to win as. It can only win while alive (meaning it can’t get attacked without being protected, or be found Killer because most killers are killed if they aren’t proven) And if the Cult or Unseen die (If it’s too BD sided, the NK will kill it out of fear)

I also edited some things

‘Too powerful’ here doesn’t necessarily mean ‘too good at achieving its win condition.’ A class with the sole ability ‘Attack 5 players, including yourself. You must use this ability every night’ and the wincon of ‘survive’ would still be too powerful, among other issues, even though it would basically always lose.

Also, as now written it hardconfirms the elimination of Cultseen from the game.


What about You also lose your abilities when all Non-King Non-Leader Unseen or Cult are eradicated