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The Official Star Wars The Last Jedi Thread


not actually official

Ever wanted to rant unnececarily about a movie that isn’t that bad but has a huge, huge, AWESOMELY ginormous amount of bad things about it?

Well, we now have a thread for you to contain your aimless rants in!

i don’t know why I made this, so it’ll probably live for way longer than I want it too




I personally liked the movie. There were parts that felt unneeded such as the casino part, Admiral Ackbars death, and many others but overall I enjoyed it more than I hated it. It may be an unpopular opinion but I enjoy most of the star wars movies


okay okay
but has it occured to you that the movie shits on the entirity of the star wars canon
also the casino part is half the goddamn movie.


Did it? Let me hear this rant


firstly; suddenly hyperspace travel is limited and so is impulse power, suddenly speed is a thing for literally no reason despite it being established that movement is almost irrelevant in star wars.

Secondly, remember that scene where Admiral Holdo sacrifices herself by blowing the rebel battlecruiser at hyperspace through the imperial supership?

If that’s possible, why don’t people just launch droid-piloted ships through hyperspace as a targeted nuke anywhere in the galaxy? And why can’t Kylo fire the giant door-busting gun from the remains of the First Order’s fleet from space, down to the planet.

It completely destroys my suspension of disbelief.


They are all good points, and I can see why they are big problems maybe except the first one. The first one seemed to be a dumb fueling problem that could have been solved if people just refilled their tanks after every use especially in the resistance.
The whole hyperspace suicide bombers is a great point and j never thought of it like that. Honestly the separatists would have easily won the clone wars with that.
And I think the Kylo thing happened since he knew Rey was on the planet somewhere and he seems to want her alive more than kill her. If he just blew it up he had a chance of killing her


Also picture using the hyperspace droid thing on a planet. That would prob do some damage


So why bother with the Starkiller and the Death Star?


Never watched star wars


It’s pretty bad, walked out of the theater disappointed on almost every level. Sans visuals to prop it up, hugely flawed film.

And it sucks to see because I feel like Rey has so much potential that is just squandered.


I was just wondering what the heck happened to Luke

He turned from Happy Go Lucky at end of Return of the Jedi to a fukin guy that taunts whatever the edgy raging kid’s name is, and then just dies from a hologram death. Like what the fuck? I’m confused

At this point I’m viewing the Sequels as non-cannon


I’m pretty sure anyone would turn into a sour sack of potatoes if they remain stranded on an island for a long ass time


He put himself there though


My favourite part was when kirito got off the millennium falcon and caught pikachu


I’m not really a big Star Wars buff, so I don’t really care too much about the canon being shit on or things like that, and as a person who just wanted to see a movie, I thought it was fine. Not great (GOD that casino scene) but not terrible. (BTW I only saw the movie once so if anyone wants to tell me about something incredibly stupid I missed go right ahead)