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The Nostalgia/Remember When We Sucked Thread


We all have some stories like that, don’t we?

Where we remember how badly we sucked at video games when we were younger, but had more fun than we ever do nowadays

I remember when it took me and my friends about 2 days to beat World 1 of Super Mario Bros. Wii





I think the most vivid one for me is self-voting myself to lose a game of semi-turbo FM because I literally didn’t know self-voting was a thing and thought pretending to would be funny


What happened after


He literally died


I remember when I set the AI to settler in civ 5, and steamrolled the ai, built all wonders etc and thought ‘i am so good at this game’


I took 20+ tries to beat some of the bosses in Mario Galaxy 2


I could not finish a single sonic phase
Fuck spikes


I didn’t realize that Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction required a controller that had motion-axis, so I sat with a third party controller with motion-axis and was confused on why I couldn’t move and kept on getting hit by flying cars


when smash flash 2 didn’t have online
those were the good days


I remember when I stated being overly self aware was my meta in FWF.

Such simpler times


Elaborating on this story, I was so bad at that point I’d not even beaten 1-Tower, so when somebody did, I lookwd upon them with the sheer awe of the incompotent.

We made it forward, but then reached the athletic stage. We struggled at it for about 2 hours before scientifically concluding that the devs were cheating and it was impossible. Unfortunately, that meant we had to go back through the enemy on the mapp field, which was just a giant goomba, but we were scared of that too.

Eventually, we truly made it to 1-Castle, where our skills had been somewhat honed by our hours of jumping and being too scared to press the dash button.

And then we died by Iggy;s hands about 200 times.

T h e e n d ?


How did this happen?


Now I remember the books I used to write at 15


Send me them
Sips tea


I couldn’t finish the Ocarina of Time adult link forest temple when I was younger and just left the game for like 3 years until I finally resorted to a guide. One damn key in “the intro room”.

I still blame the dungeon design


Wasn’t too long ago but when I first got fallout 4, I couldn’t get past the first raider encounter in the museum and left the game for like 1.5 years and then played it again and now its one of my favourite games


NEVER! They are gone forever. I think.


I… haven’t.