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The Newest !Factville! 3


Hello and welcome to The Wacky Factville 3 where you will learn interesting facts everyday!

  1. Fact Number 1! Today is mother’s day in some places!

  2. Fact Number 2! Today is Sunday one day after first Factville’s release!

  3. Fact Number 3! I was missing but have returned! Some people thought I was :ghost:.

  • If you want more facts just ask!

  • If you want to get hired in giving facts just ask too!

It’s important to let people know the facts!

Remember that opinions are not allowed though!


Discobot is always right

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Just because you are discussing the relative power of game elements does not mean what you are saying is an option.

So long as you define your terms correctly a class can be objectively stronger or more useful or whatever than another.

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Some people thought you were waving your white arms?


I know I thought that




i thought he was surrendering


I thought he was representing gender equality.

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Fact! 3 days ago, May 10, is maid day in Japan!

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This is the fourth version of my pfp.


Fact:The new HTM is an imposter but we don’t do anything about it because we missed the old one.


I’m an imposter…!?!

Also Fact: @Waterfall is my alt who is therefore Hippo’s alt.


Everything posted on this thread is true unless disco says otherwise and only the first response disco gives unless it doesn’t know.


Fact: Hjasik is a pro


@DinoMask fortune

Is it true?


Oh my god

@discobot fortune

is it true

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:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it




@discobot fortune

Fact! I will never use an anime pfp


:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so

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