The Necromancer [Neutral Killer]

“Many have come, but many more have went. What a large supply of power that lies around. How wasteful of them.”

The Necromancer [Neutral Killer]


Dancing with Death - Bleed immune. If a Reanimated is controlled, they die instead of the Necromancer, and the Necromancer will be prevented from doing their action.
Prepared - You start the game with one Reanimated under your control.

Day Abilities

Deathly Influence - Force a player to accuse another. (2 uses)
Untapped Power - Choose a dead player that has not been Reanimated before. They will become your new Reanimated. (Inf use, 1 day cooldown)

Night Abilities

Create Power - Attack a player. If they are guarded by a Knight, the Reanimated will die. (Inf use)
Last Rites - Gain 1 use of any one of the Reanimated’s abilities. (Inf use, can only use this once per Reanimated)


The starting Reanimated does not have any abilities to use.
You do not have to use Last Rites’ ability gain immediately, and there will be a third box on each cycle that allows you to access these abilities.
If there is demand for it, I will add that the Reanimated will “Decay” in a certain amount of days.

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I vote for not this.

Just to be clear a reanimated is just an effect you gain based off the target and has no effect on the dead player itself right?

Not strictly against this but it would be better if we could have something more unique than noble force vote v5.0.

I’ll try and brainstorm something in a sec.

Before you make several posts, please group them into 1 wallpost.

But it’s easier to respond to them if they are separate posts.


Not for me, at least. Plus it might be seen as bumping the post (unintentionally or not)

Definitely intentional. I love bumping posts with good idea’s and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Anyways could you explain how Last Rites works in terms of UI?

Essentially, the class in question’s card is put up, and you get to select any one ability.

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What about day abilities and passives?

And can you have more than one extra ability at once by reanimating someone else before using the ability?

As stated, you cannot gain passives.

This will allow you to both use day abilities and collect multiple abilities.

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Anyone have any more input on this, or is this just dead because it’s uninteresting.

Generally if nobody comments on your class idea it means they have nothing to slag which means it’s fine.

Or it means no one has noticed it.