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The Mystic Revamp


That’s still effectively random, although it’s better than RNG.

Still, I’d argue that the best plan along these lines would be for you to be able to link freely, but be locked once you have once.


I like the general idea for secret. I think mainly that accomplishes the entirety of the goal. Perhaps a slight modification to the idea that still accomplishes the same thing

Secret (Day): Chose a player, your whispers to and from this person will be hidden to the court.

My reasoning. This makes secrete non-day confirmable. Admitted night abilities will always going to be a problem for mystic as long as it has any similarty to it’s current self, but getting the MM to “confirm” you are in an invisible conversation, is still an option compared to failing to create a “mystic has whispered X”, message to self confirm.

I personally don’t see much benefit to messing with link minds/conduit. I mean you can kind of make it selectable, and you get another use to add extra links when your current ones die. but it still seems more work and no real benefit to the game.


Removing Prince Lite™️ is a benefit


IMO the only change Mystic needs(for now) is a PM nerf/rework. Mystic as a whole does not need to be nerfed, just PM. I do agree that it needs a rework eventually to make it into a true neighborizer rather than the current Prince lite, but this isn’t one. Plus no RNG. What if they both die N1? A true neighborizer should not have RNG as it just makes it decided by luck, which means it will be much harder to coordinate the BD. And what if you only have scum as targets? Then it will be nearly impossible to coordinate the BD

I know heathens exist, but already existing != balanced. And Inquisitor was always meant to be a Hunting-type class, so it’s fine on Inquisitor.