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The Mystic Revamp


So, I’m tired of mystic meta.
I’m tired of the PM bullshit happening every game and I want it to be gone.
Therefore, I present to you: The Revamped Mystic.

The Mystic :shield:

Blue Dragon Social
Secret (Day) - You will now chose a player to send a whisper too. Court will see that a Mystic whispered to a player. They can reply to you once. You can not use Secret on your two targets for Link Minds. - 3 uses.
Link Minds (Night) - You will be given two random people that you can link throughout the whole game. Your job is to find out if they can be trusted or not. - Infinite uses.
Conduit (Night) - The two users you have as targets may be conduited at night, this can be useful if they claim the same role so they can confirm each other or be suspicious of each other. - 2 uses.
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.


Mystic just needs pm gone :stuck_out_tongue:

but this is a good ideae

well done cutie


Mystic needs to step the fuck down and stop being so entitled. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you owo


Both are killed N1

Now what?


Two new targets get selected if they die N1 or N2.


The mystic meta is already kinda dead right now, or do you have seen it done successfully in the last week?


Sadly, I have… And it’s really annoying.


You get the Prince and another player, who dies early.

Now what?


I haven’t gotten that far YET.


Must have been an exception then, since the meta is currently countered by:

  • Newbies who don’t know how it works or don’t like claiming
  • Newbie Mystics
  • “Vets” who refuse to do it

Restricting the ability to link is a nerf which has almost nothing to do with the mystic meta, what is the purpose of it?


Linking one and one person is boring in my opinion.
Having only two targets to link makes it really fun because you gotta do all the scumreading to see if they are evil or not.


You can do this already in the current version, if I understand you correctly?


No. You don’t get only 2 people randomly decided.
You get to link whoever you want.


So if Mystic would like to link only two specific people, because he thinks it’s “really fun”, he already can do it. What is the purpose of this straight nerf? Do you think linking anyone is too strong?


Hence the “loaded” questions :wink:



It is


I dislike rng being the solution, but it’s still a problem


Heathens are RNG.


^ :slight_smile:


And I’m not a fan of Inquisitor.

Using one questionable mechanic from a neutral to justify one on a BD doesn’t really work.

I’d prefer they get to choose the two players, or something along those lines.

Maybe they have infinite links but can only link the first two players they use it on? More interactive than RNG while also demoting it from Prince-Lite


They have to pick them N1 then, no linking happening N1.