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The Mystic Problem


Problems with Mystic
(1).Confirmed by day 2
(2).Can bypass Little Bird and Court Spy with PM
(3).Can anonymously give information to court with Telepathy
(4).Can easily be found out as converted
(5).Game play gets stale

Problem 1
Mystic is confirmed since night 1, their abilities Link Mind and Conduit link 1 or 2 players respectively, confirming that there is a mystic in game. Even if mystic is jailed night 1 they can still use PM the next day to confirm themselves. You could say they could be converted night 1 which still is a possibility but the chances are very slim(1/13), and BD can easily find them out as scum, which leads on to point 4.

Problem 2
A main problem of Throne of lies for a long time is the dreaded “whisper meta”. Although the meta ,and the problem it caused, seemed to have been stopped dead in its tracks, the meta itself has still not been extinguished. Mystic can use Private matters to stop Little Bird and can safely and efficiently find claims without the downsides of whispering to either king or prince.

Problem 3
If mystic decides not to out themselves, whatever the reason, they can still use telepathy to anonymously give information to court without having to out themselves, this ability is too strong, it allows them to gain information without the downside of outing the player, not making them a target for the unseen/cult to convert or kill. If you do not claim you will be outed and unlike prince they won’t have to out themselves in order to get the player lynched.

Problem 4
The problem with mystic getting converted is they can no longer link players, or conduit them, and if the game goes on for a few days you will most likely be exed, besides except for giving all the claims to evils. the abilities of illusionist are useless with mental blur confirming you are converted, and with the nerf on mind warp making it practically useless, and unseen may just want want to kill you.

Problem 5
Once you have all claims of players, and those who refuse to claim or have bad logs are upped or exed by prince, there is not much left to do in games, yes you can still link players and get updated logs, but not much fun comes from it and you will basically be confirmed doing little. You will most likely be selected as king which takes the fun away from stepping.

I liek poels plz vote.

How would you rate the current state of mystic…

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Remove Private Matters and replace Mental Blur and I will be fine with Mystic.


in what world would you need mental blur on mystic

9 times out of 10 it’s going to be a troll/new player who uses it on bd


Genus plan. Blur the prince so he won’t know you already claimed to him


You misread it they said replace mental blue for illusionist not replace it with mental blur

On a side note mental blur would be perfect on BD


You callin’ me mental, eh?

shakes fist

  1. I agree that confirmability is usually a bad thing, but it’s fine if being unconfirmable goes against the point of the class. The point of Mystic is to help coordinate the BD, and it can’t do that without confirming themself.

  2. Little birds needs counterplay though, but I would be fine with reducing it to one use. And you’re forgetting that Mystic is convertable.

  3. One class not requiring to out themselves is fine, especially when the point of that class is to share information anonymously.

  4. Not linking players is fine since players wouldn’t claim to Mystic if Illusionist could link, but I agree that Illusionist is near useless. Mind warp really needs a revert and Mental Blur should be replaced with Disguise.

  5. Agreed, but that’s more of a problem with the game itself. NKs and the factions don’t really feel that different.


I think mystic should be in every game like prince because it’s a pretty strong class compared to the others and holds heavy responsibility like the prince just slightly less


Making it guaranteed adds another huge problem for scum to deal with, and also prevents it from being a super fringe scum claim


I hope this is sarcasm


King needs a gun


It’s not, RNG unique Bd classes are unhealthy


I’d make the same argument for hunter but I still wish he was reworked better to fit a non unique class it could have worked


You know what is more unhealthy? Another confirmed BD in every match for no reason.


Thing is. If something is 100% confirmable then it doesn’t really matter as much if it is guaranteed or not. No one is faking mystic either way and the mystic rarely gets power through being hidden. All it does is make everything more consistent.

This also makes any problems with the mystic higher priority of course, but those problems are the same as if she didn’t spawn in the first place


Just make private matter a targeted ability, can only send one message privately like tb, and give it an extra charges or two.

It may not kill the whisper to mystic meta though since Mystic confirms themselves mostly through links and not pm.

Mind Link is a 100% confirmable skill like Prince jail but removing that kills the class. I don’t think there will ever be a solution to that unless illusionist can also mind link.


The problem with Mystic is Private Matter making whispers both hidden AND unreadable. So evils can’t even spy on them, nor even see them occuring. This combination is overpowered, it’s literally worse than Whisper King Meta because at least with WKM you knew who whispered and when, and certain classes could spy on them.



Make it target a player with private whispers

All whispers between you and that person become unreadable

it’s also easily fakeclaimable with your scum buddy now


It’s also a heavy nerf. :confused:


a heavy nerf that makes an ability not OP?