The Musician [Neutral Social]

The Musician

Neutral Social

Dissonance: You are death immune to attacks from players that aren’t Entranced.
Harmony: You are immune to occupation and redirection.

Aria (2 use): Anonymously announce a message to the court.
Coda (1 use): Force all Entranced players into the same trial decision as yours.

Overture (inf use): Entrance a player with your music. Frame them if they are BD, or disguise them if they are not. Cannot target the same player twice.
Crescendo (2 use): Entrance everyone who visits your target and replace their feedback with “You were distracted by a Musicians Crescendo”.

Win condition: Have at least 8 Entranced players by the end of the game.

I’m open to wincon suggestions.

i’d like you to change the phrasing.
that is all

I’m sorry, but you’ll have to point out the issues to me. Which phrasing should change?

change it from marked to something musical

Perma DI neuts are ehh since they’re so difficult to remove from game.

How is this helpful

Is this frame/tailor permanent?

I actually love this ability so much

How does this interact with circle and


Why v2
Wincon doesn’t care if marked players are alive or not

Kit exists for ??? purpose?

because every neut should be mech confirmable :wowee:

prob so they can survive longer to achieve their wincon

or to be a gamer

or to actively scum/town side

Can still die to bleed and Prince exe. Also to attacks from “marked” players.

It felt appropriate going when going with the theme. Also it’s another source of evil Telepathy so Mystic isn’t as “confirmable”.

Only for that night.

You will be attacked if you visit the Circle, but not die unless the Reaper is already “marked”.

“Force Pardon” a marked player, or maybe execute the King/ Prince, whatever you want.

Marked -> Entranced

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already marked as in marked on nights before?

Being Entranced (new name) is permanent.


claim musician d1 and get everyone to target king, using crescendo
everyone abstains during a trial on d2 and musician uses coda and 50/50s where they are going in order to force scum to guess if they want to fakeclaim visited king

Doesnt work. Lots of classes cant target king at all