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The Monkey's Paw


Granted, but only at King K Rool.

I wish that @PoisonedSquid was bad at every character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Granted, but I’m the best player in Super Smash Bros. Melee

I wish Max will stop talking about his obsession with King K Rool


Granted. Some dude named Max stops talking about his obsession with him and instead just talks about him incessantly.

I wish that @PoisonedSquid would accept King K Rool as her god and worship him forever.


Granted but he starts a cult around it and sacrafices you

I wish King K Rool was removed from every smash game




Granted but they add an echo of him which is the exact same thing, but more powerful.

I wish that @NuclearBurrito also worshipped King K Rool as his god forever.


Granted but I leave the discord to pray and take the entire ToL playerbase with me

I wish you a merry christmas


Granted, and a happy new year.

I wish that I could destroy Pluto with the push of a button


Granted. The button is hidden in a place that no one can reach.

I wish that I could destroy Uranus make Pluto a planet again.


Granted but you wont

I wish I was the best roblox player


Granted. Everyone but you quits roblox forever

I wish I could find and reach the button mentioned in the above quote


Granted but there’s an impossible puzzle you have to solve before you’re allowed to push it.

I wish that Pluto was indestructible.


When did I mention that? I just wanted to sell the location and method of reaching it online for tons of cash and attention


Granted, it’s now also on a collision course with earth but could easily be stopped if you dest- oh wait

I wish I could survive in extreme heat and extreme cold


Granted, but now you can’t survive unless its extemely hot or cold
I wish I could be Tracer


Granted, you are now TRACER

I wish I could slow down time


Granted, but you are equally slow, even your reactions and thoughts, so no changes to the way you perceive the world.

I wish I could do lit guitar soloes


Granted. You may now do guitar solos while on fire.

I wish that I didn’t need to sleep.


Granted. However the negative consiquences of not sleeping mean you probably want to anyway

I wish I could have a delicious pie that I could eat


Granted, it was delicious but also poisoned.

I wish I could be able to tell if people were lying