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The Monkey's Paw




Granted but now you are accused constantly for aimbotting

I wish I could reasonably be able to be online more while keeping up my other commitments.


Granted, but you have to take a 24 hour nap once a week at the cost of not sleeping.

I wish I could push a button and have all the things I want to pack up and take back to my flat waiting at the front door of where I’m staying right now.


Granted, they block the door so you can’t get out

I wish I could breathe underwater


Granted. You are now a goldfish

I wish I could make things turn invisible at will and could also make invisible things turn visible at will


Granted, anything that touches that guy Will is likely to be turned invisible, and sometimes they turn visible. Poor guy is not hugged anymore.

I wish for 1,000,000 dollars that I can and will spend in anything, any place, at any moment, without changes for the price of said things from before I had that money nor the cash will be worth less than it used to.


Take that Will.


Granted. The economy slowly breaks down due to the gradual increase in the money supply (which causes inflation right now) not being met with any proportional increase in price, which means more goods being bought without an increase in production causing an economic collapse of various industry’s. Great job.

Also you were given 1,000,000 Egyptian dollars. So have fun with that

I wish that I could watch the world burn :fire:


Granted. You set a globe on fire.

I wish that my brother would stop annoying me, but stay alive.


:fire: YES :fire:

Free globe!


Granted. You die and he becomes immortal

I wish the son was brighter


Granted, your son has light bulbs attached to his head now.

I wish nuke knew how to spell


Granted. It turns out this was my plan all along. Also as per your wish I can no longer spell

I wish Firekitten would curl up in my lap and let me pet them


top 10 lewd fanfics

Granted you furry. However, your arms fall off.

I wish someone would write a @NuclearBurrito x @Firekitten fanfiction and that I would be able to read it.


Granted, but the fanfiction is so badly written and lewd that your eyes catch on fire and melt.

I wish I can be better at Smash Bros


Granted. You are a tiny bit better at the original Smash Bros.

I wish someone would write an amazing @NuclearBurrito x @Firekitten fanfiction and that I would be able to read it.


granted however you cant nut while reading it

I wish this forum was nsfw




Granted. No drawbacks needed The forums get renamed to “nsfw.”

I wish that every time @PoisonedSquid tries to speak, she is forced to say “King K Rool” at the beginning of every sentence.


Granted, but because of it, I become the best King K. Rool player in the world.

I wish I can be better at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate