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The Monkey's Paw


Oh. Yeah I fixed it


Granted, but it actually it’s just a change in your tastes and you love it just like it is now.

I wish I would not feel tired ever


Granted. You fall into a coma, never to wake up again.

I wish that Marl changed his name to :b:arl.


Granted but people still call him Marl just to annoy him

I wish the :b: emoji never existed


Granted, it is replaced by the ‘:buh:’ emoji which looks perfectly identical to it.

I wish that I could win every 1v1 in Super Smash Bros Ultimate regardless of matchup.


Granted but you are kicked out of online and brackets for cheating and no one wants to play with you because losing is no fun

I wish the :buh: emoji never existed


Granted, it is replaced by ‘:buclearburrito:’ and looks identical to it.

I wish that I would not be kicked out of online and brackets because people realize that I’m just really good at the game.


Granted. You are instead kicked out because you are an asshole who uses magical monkey paws to cheat at video games

I wish that this monkey paw was instead a lamp


Granted, all wishes you did after the third one will never happen tho

I wish for a PC masterrace


Granted. The computers gain sentience and take over the world, eradicating humans from existence.

I wish everyone subscribed to Pewdiepie.


Granted. They also subscribe to T series as well and bots mean t series has more subs in the end

I wish @Firekitten would make at least 3 additional posts on this thread


Granted. However, they’re all filled with gay furry porn.

I wish T Series lost all of their subscribers and got banned from YouTube forever.

SFoL 43 Infection II - (19/24) - Day 3 - Canned

Granted however every other post in this thread lost their meaning and doesn’t exist. Unfortunately this also includes your wish.

I wish that max renamed themselves to nax


how does this relate wtf

nah this doesn’t count k thx lol


Granted. But N is now pronounced like an M

I wish that your post included gay furry porn


Oh wait

I forgot to mention

Another channel was made with the exact same name except is named y series


Also L series


Granted, except looking at Firekitten’s posts now turns you into a gay furry forever.

I wish that Firekitten was good at this game.




wdym you were always a gay furry you just didn’t realize it