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The Monkey's Paw


granted but you cant play it anymore

I wish I was a trap


Granted but the dungeon you are set in gets all of the adventurers killed before they can reach your spikes

I wish I was omnipotent


Granted but you get severe brain damage and extreme short term memory loss so you forget that you are

I wish @H_Hjasik was a trap


Granted but you are stuck in him

I wish you guys would have more logical cohesion in your consequences


Granted. A person named “You Guys” will have more logical cohesion in their consequences.

I wish @NuclearBurrito became a furry


Granted but he still hunted and killed all other furries.

I wish that traps weren’t gay


Granted, no downside they are no longer traps.

I wish that Bowser gets nerfed to oblivion.


Granted, but he is forced to be played at least by one person on the team.

I wish Bayonetta was nerfed to oblivion


Granted, Beyonetta is now a very bad character in Elder Scrolls 4

I wish the my wifi had a faster download and upload speed


Granted, but you can never download anything again :wink:

I wish that Patoto fries were made with sugar


Granted, but only whrn downloading/uploading porn

Oh come on gamerpoke

Someone delete his message please ok thanks

(Also 0 mps is a slower uploading/downloading speed)


I was typing first, sorryyyy


Granted, they now have so much sugar that one bite immediately gives you type 1 diabetes

I wish that gamerpoke never commented in this thread


Granted. The thread has been deleted from existence

I wish that the Merc required 8 brildlers to win instead of 6 and that he still started with 2 and his other ability’s were unchanged from right now


Granted, @Mercenary now needs 8 brilders to win in every single game.

I wish that Youtube Rewind 2018 was good.


Granted. Youtube rewond 2018 is now good. Youtube rewind 2018 however still sucks

I wish Youtube rewind 2018 was good


Oh no, change it quick!


Changed :wink:


Too late. I already quoted it… and posted the correct wish


I was talking to you. You put rewind and rewind. You changed it now tho