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The Monkey's Paw


that example doesn’t work out since it is unrelated to the phasing through walls.

For that to work and be fun, it should be actually related to the act of phasing through walls.

Not getting where you are coming from either. Most of the responses here are perfectly fine.


This has nothing to do with phasing through walls


my rule of thumb is to replace the word “but” with “because” and make sure it still makes sense


(also answer my wish please?)


Granted. You now have this operating, working, unbreakable clock that you know how to change it to take you to the time you want in case you change time zones some day.

I wish for a book. Well written, interesting, that I can understand completely and enjoy the read without concerns while I rest.


Huh. I’ll take it

Granted but you can only read it when you are sleeping

I wish for the power to levitate myself at will with as much force as I want and in whatever direction I want.


Granted. But doing so for one second burns as many calories as running a marathon.

I wish I have midas touch.


Granted, but you accidently touch yourself turning you into a golden statue forever

I wish I can control the power of darkness


Granted. Light never touch you. The lack of light robs your vision and weakens your bone.

I wish I can be a president of a nation.


Granted but it’s Somalia

I wish for a sandwich that I will find very tasty


Granted but everyone else finds it disgusting

I wish for immunity to being stuck in traffic


Granted but it’s because any car you enter instantly breaks before it can enter into traffic

I wish for a visually awesome decorative sword


Granted. It’s so awesome it triggers a primal desire of possession in everyone that sees it that massacre happens for the sword.

I wish this wish is corrupted.


Granted, but the wish is now a Cinnamon Roll that’s too precious for this world

I wish Nintendo can release gameplay of Joker in Super Smash Bros Ultimate


Granted, but he’s weaker than Pichu.

I wish that it would mildly snow during this break.


top tier. Got it


Perfect. All according to plan [insert evil laugh here]


Granted. Your break never end and your country turns into a land of eternal snow without the slightest hint of sunlight due to the cloud forever hanging over your land.

I wish I can learn cat language.


You can meow. You still don’t know what it means, though, not even what you speak.

I wish I could fly.


Granted, planes are still a thing.

I wish I could be the best FPS player alive.