The Monk [Blue Dragon Social]

Each night you are forced to use your ability (you die otherwise).

You have to correctly identify the role of a living player. It can’t be a player you’ve identified already.

At any point in the game, day or night, you can wager your life on the role of every living player. If you get one wrong you die. If you get them all right, Blue Dragon immediately wins.

does this bypass frames/tailors

why is this a social as opposed to an investigative

do you have to guess starting class or current class in the case of conversions/possessor jumps

why are you suggesting a class that encourages massclaim, especially D1 claims as a N1 guess is largely random otherwise

(to be clear im not saying whether or not this class is good or bad, im just trying to get you to sell me on it)

yes reward massclaiming more than it already is

i see no issue with this

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You’re right, I forgot there has to be a converted counterpart with the same abilities. Winning seems to swingy though so maybe he could just be immune to all forms of night death as long as his keeps his guesses correct.