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The Minion (Unseen/Cult Special)


The Minion (Unseen/Cult Special)


Arrived Late - You do not know who your teammates are and do not show up in night meetings

Bloody Purple Robes - If the Unseen/Cult Attempt to convert you or attack you, they will be notified that you are the minion and any attacks will fail.

Day Abilities

Signs of Evil (2 uses) - You will know if any of the people on trial were evil. Cannot be used if the king was evil

Anemiate (1 use) - Someone who is bled cannot be healed or delayed. They will also not know they were bled.

Night Abilities

Expert Investigation (Inf uses) - Determine if someone is a member of the Unseen or Cult.

Little Helper (3 uses) - Choose someone to enforce their night ability. They will bypass all forms of occupation, redirection, and other barriers. If the action cannot be performed on their targets, you will be let known along with them.


This class is unique, and if it is the game, it will take up a Blue Dragon slot.

This class has the same wincon as the Unseen/Cult.

The Minion will know which game it is but will appear white when killed.


Sellsword kinda does a better job of being a ‘Traitor’ class.

Also it’s swingy because it takes up a slot


Class should take up the Neutral Slot not gonna lie.

Reveals to you if King is evil or if a player is evil.

A better Timesnatcher that doesn’t need to be converted into.

Pretty nice ability not going to lie.

How would enforcing their ability work on certain classes.


Ok, Granted.

I accidentally put “Cannot be used if the king was evil.” What I meant to type was “Cannot be used if the king was on trial”

How about this instead:
Anemiate (1 use) - Choose a person to Anemiate. They will not know and if they are bled they will die one day earlier than they would before.


Say the Mastermind gets occupied or redirected or targets an artificially non-convertable player (A natural non-convert would be like The Prince or a Neutral Killer). With this ability, most outside factors would be ignored completely. Or if used on the assassin, it would basically be like the enforcer going on a frenzy, that can also pierce through all of the Reaper’s souls.
This can be a double edged sword as you could accidentally use it on a physician to save someone who shouldn’t have been saved or worse, the Sorcerer who has a bomb on everyone.
I’ll make a chart if it gets confusing.