The Mimic | Neutral Special


Gain the passives of classes you use Disguise on.

Day Abilities

Dark Shadow ([Amount] uses)
Use the first day ability of your disguised class. If you need to target someone, you can choose the target.
*Amount of charges change depending on which ability it is

Night Abilities

Pretend ([Amount] uses)
Use the first night ability of your disguised class.
*Amount of charges change depending on which ability it is

Disguise (3 uses)
Gain the passives, first day ability, and first night ability of your target. If you die, you will appear as your target’s class. Lasts 2 nights and you will only know what faction you are disguised as.
*Cannot disguise as King, Prince, Non-BD Killers, Mastermind, Cult Leader, or unique classes.
*If Neutral, you will also learn which class you’re disguised as
Win Condition: Win as your currently disguised class.

For ever? One night? Only one person’s passives at a time? Do they lose their passives (unless unique)?

The fundamental flaw of this in my mind that this class just clicks disguise when one faction seems to be about to win and proceeds to win
You don’t click early

You can’t become MM/Assassin though either, so that also makes it very tough to become scum if you wish to. Disproportionally more difficult than Cult.

The passives stay for as long as they are disguised.

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Becoming MM would just give Unseen more converts, and getting Assassin would increase kpn.

I know, so maybe if you target them you become a special Unseen of kinds? Because like this it will almost always be forced to become BD in Unseen games.