The Mimic - Neutral killer

The Mimic - Neutral Killer (Unique)

False Exterior: Immune to death (at night) and bleeding.

Day (3 uses):
Leech Prowess: Enhance your night ability, Devour, based on target’s class type. This effect is permanent.
Killer: Bypass Death Immunity.
Offensive: Occupy target.
Support: Target is unhealable.
Social: Defile target.
Special: Whoever target player visits is permanently Convert Immune.
Investigative: Whoever target player visits is framed tonight.

Night (∞ uses):
Devour: Attack target player by consuming them.


  • Selecting the same class type twice with Leech Prowess has no effect but does still use up a charge.

I like the idea but it has no way of defeating a knight. Also, how will you be able to select what they are defiled to? Are you informed upon using the day ability?
I think it’s quite weak in terms of kills right now.

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Idea for Devour: If the target is defended by a knight, the knight will instead be devoured

I would imagine this effect is after your first social kill, and it will pop up like the current defile screen.

Now for the main class

Err… what? Why?

Also, no 2nd ability for either category.