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The Mentalist (Neutral Killer)


Physician, he’s not yet ready. Don’t let this broken man out into the world…

The Mentalist (Neutral Killer)

Goal: Live to see the Unseen or Cult lose the game.


Lunatic: Others are unable to redirect or occupy you.

Blue Blood Lust: If you do not select a Blue Dragon member to kill or do not take any action at night, you will be forced to attack a random Blue Dragon. If there are no more Blue Dragon, you commit suicide.

Day Abilities:

Sleeping Herbs (2 uses): You will not perform any night actions tonight.

Night Abilities:

Blood Lust (Inf uses): Choose someone to attack. If they are not a member of the Blue Dragon, you will be redirected randomly to one.

Overpowering Will (1 use): Choose someone to attack, bypassing death immunity and healing. Gain a use of Sleeping Herbs and Overpowering Will if you kill a Blue Dragon member.


This class takes up the Neutral Killer slot.

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While it’s a cool concept classes that have abilities that go against their win con are generally unfun for the player to play as. As well NK’s are meant to balance out the BD and Cult/Unseen sides and make sure the game doesn’t favor one or the other and that’s why NK’s with different win conditions from normal don’t usually work

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What you just described is what I like to call the “Psycho” Neutral Killer. Their wincon is to kill the Cult/Unseen and BD. What I described was a “Neutral” neutral Killer, with a wincon that can allow some people to live.


I’m trying to think about how this class interacts with the game. Generally if this class was alive it would strive to attack scummy players they think are scum but on the off chance they aren’t scum they are taken care of and not mislynched. Plus if they are redirected then it confirms that player is scum especially since they are redirect immune.

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Way too much killing in a game if this class doesn’t take up the NK slot

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What happens if you just don’t select an ability? You can’t redirect a no-action.


Then you are forced to take action and kill a Blue Dragon.


No you aren’t


That isn’t a thing


Make this bypass redirect immunity due to its passive


Also this class contains contradictions. If you attack an Unseen for example you get redirected to a BD but then attack the Unseen anyways because you are immune to redirection


Also occ/redirect immunity bypasses aren’t a thing anymore (don’t ask me why idk either)


And wouldn’t this just lead to auto confirming every phys?


I fixed some contradictions.


Has also been fixed



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And now it has the opposite problem of removing the NK


This isn’t going to work because you can’t solve both problems at the same time


It’s interesting… but game would go too quickly. BD would lynch you, and how do you win?


By convincing the BD not to execute you.


That’s impossible though