The Marksman [Neutral Offensive]

The Marksman (Neutral Offensive)

Passive: Occupy/redirect immunity.
Day ability (infinite uses): Mark: Mark a player for the night.
Night ability (infinite uses): Snipe: Redirect a player to your marked target. Cannot target the same player twice in a row.
Night ability (2 uses): Stonewall: Occupy all players targeting your target except those attacking and converting them.

Objective: Live to see three marked players die at night.

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  1. It only has to see 3 targets die. If it finds, say, the Neutral Killer or The Assassin, it’s almost a guaranteed win by D6, if not sooner.
  2. Why would it want to use stonewall? That is an ability heavily tied to the Sellsword, which is something people want out.
  3. Does it or does it not lose it’s abilities after winning? If it doesn’t, how does it win?
  4. How would reap kills work? Could it mark someone who is reaped and gain a mark, or would they have to mark them before they got reaped?
  5. Possession kills. Since the player the Possessor possesses dies, would that gain a mark, or would it not?
  6. What about people that suicide or die by being inactive? Do those count?
  7. Can it mark the King?
  1. I can change the number of targets. I wasn’t sure what number to put.
  2. To get the target killed. I also don’t want it to be a “good” neutral that claims D1, so stonewall prevents that.
  3. It does.
  4. Reaped players can’t be marked.
  5. I think so.
  6. I think suicide would count, but not inactivity kills.
  7. Not sure.

This does not totally solve it finding a killer to do it’s bidding

How does it get the target killed? Sure, it stops heals and such, but that’s about it

How does that work? And what about players that get marked?

Why not?

Neutrals don’t generally message evils/NKs to do their bidding. The only neut that would be able to help would be the alchemist.

You just wouldn’t be able to select reaped players with the mark ability. A reap on a marked player counts as a kill.

I’m not sure because I’m lazy.

My response is they literally don’t need to