The Magistrate [Neutral Investigative]

The Magistrate
Neutral Investigative

Blind Justice: You are death immune once. If you achieve your win condition you will lose this passive.
Vigilantism: You are occupation and redirection immune when using Judgement.

Sentence (inf use): Pick a sentence type, choosing from: class type, visit, or faction. Your Trial ability will change accordingly. You cannot pick the same type, as one you already successfully trialed someone with.

Trial (inf use): Trial a player based on your sentence. You are unable to target a player you already sentenced.

-Class type will allow you to pick a type along with this ability
-Visit will allow you to target an additional player
-Faction will allow you to pick the targets faction

Judgement (3 use): Kill a player you have successfully trialed and sentenced. This attack is unavoidable and cannot be prevented. Doesn’t count as a visit.

Win condition: See 3 players you successfully used Trial on die.

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how does this work ELI5

Is this passive needed? Judgement was specified to be unavoidable and unpreventable.

Dx:/ sentence Visit
Nx:/ trial Geyde to Magnus:
a) they visited your 2nd target, you now want them dead and unable to use Trial on them again, also unable to Sentence a Visit
b) didn’t visit, nothing happens

Dx:/ sentence Class Type
Nx:/ trial Geyde as Killer:
a) they are a Killer, you now want them dead, and unable to use Trial on them again, also unable to Sentence a Class Type
b) not a Killer, nothing happens

Dx:/ sentence Faction
Nx:/ trial Geyde Blue Dragon:
a) they are BD, you now want them dead and unable to use Trial on them again, also unable to Sentence a Faction
b) not BD, nothing happens

You win if you see 3 people you successfully Trialed die.


Suppose not, but I don’t think it’s bad redundancy in this case.

this shouldn’t be able to spawn with Inq

this + Inq is potentially 6 kills from random miscellaneous neuts which is :eyes:

this is a tol neut

how does this impact game in positive manner

also if this votes to execute a Fool it stops being able to win

the judge does not have to kill the 3 people

they just have to die

wincons still works

You can still win through other means of death on your marked players. Same as Inquisitor.


I can’t read

confirmed BD

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D: Sentence Faction
N: Trial Arete as BD - Failed.

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Fake claimability,
Able to help either of the factions.

I hardclaim Pretender

seemingly thrives on coordination between players
does this have realistic incentive not to out itself

You want 3 people dead, odds are you will be killing more BD than Evils.
Basically same as Inquis in this case.

is it informed if it guesses faction of invest immune player correct (so it guesses MM as Unseen like n2 or something)

Undecided. Let’s say MM is BD until N4.


does this bypass DI

it probably shouldn’t imo but :eye: