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The Lunatic (Neutral Support)


For many years, The Lunatic has searched for someone to burn the world down. After leaving the cult for their fanatic obsession with two all-powerful gods, he now helps someone who will see the world burn, starting with Adiart.

The Lunatic (Neutral Support)


Fanatic: Always death immune when being attacked by the Neutral Killer. Not death immune if attacked by other killers
Insanity: Occupy and Redirect immune.

Day Abilities:

Day Ability 1: [I don’t have any ideas for a day ability yet]
Day Ability 2: [I don’t have any ideas for a day ability yet]

Suicide (Inf use, always able to be used): Sacrifice yourself to give the Neutral Killer an Empowerment based on their class (See Notes)

Night Abilites:

Helping Hand (1-3 uses): Help the Neutral Killer by giving them a small empowerment (See Notes)
Fanatic Killing (1-3 uses): The Neutral Killer will kill their target(s), bypassing triggering protective classes, Death Immunity, Jail, and Occupation.

Suicide (Inf use, always able to be used): Sacrifice yourself to give the Neutral Killer an Empowerment based on their class: (See Notes)


Effects of Suicide:
Reaper - You lose half a soul when being attacked + gain an additional soul.
Possessor - Gain 1 use of Possess, and whenever you possess someone you choose what the exhume results will be
Sorcerer - Walking Bomb bypasses Healing and you will be able to transfer a bomb onto the king

Effects of Helping Hand:
Reaper - The Target’s body will fall in 2 days rather than in 1 day.
Possessor - You will also kill the person you use to kill the other person.
Sorcerer - Your Magic Missile will bypass healing, and any knights on your target will attack them instead of you.

The Lunatic will always know who and what the Neutral Killer is, but not vice versa.

The Lunatic’s Wincon is to have the Neutral Killer win the game.

If The Lunatic becomes the King, they automatically become the Psycho King, keeping their previous goal.

Thoughts? Anything to Add/Change/Remove?


Why did you make it so hard to read and what is the win con


bruh that’s a nerf

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them being alive but not alive is the literal thing reaper has that is super useful




you do know that them being dead but seen as alive is what gives it a super edge over other neutral killers

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like you take away a vote while still keeping majority to get someone on trial the same

It’s super useful but this actually hurts the nk

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1: Could you put your reasons in a single message? Just in case they get lost or something.

2: What do you suggest for it then?

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Corpses will remain for 2 days


When a reaper reaps someone they die and are effectively taken out of the game. However since they are still seen as alive to others then they could be executed AND the majority to get someone on trial stays the same while if the person was seen as dead it wouldn’t. This is why reaper wins in a 3 v 1 if it reaps someone that night because The reaper can’t be placed on trial due to majority being 3 and there’s only being 2 other people

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this buffs it


Thats the point


which is why I was telling him that’s how you buff reaper

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Ok, I changed it. Anything else?