The Lunatic (Neutral Special)

The Lunatic (Neutral Special)


False Hope : The amount of obessions alive will give you various buffs that are kept after switching to another amount of obsessions:

10-7 Obsessions = Redirect and occupy immune.
6-3 Obsessions = Bleeding immunity.
3-0 Obessions = Death immunity at night.

Sudden Death : Visiting one of your obsessions during the night will cause you to die, regardless of any immunity or protective ability . You start the game with ten obsessions (King excluded).

Day Abilities :

Sixth Sense [ ∞ ] : Checks your target, if it’s an obsession you will know his faction.

Willpower [2] : Become immune to obsessions for the next night (Ignores [Sudden Death]).

Night Abilities :

Mass Coercion (1) : Next day if you’re put on trial, votes will be reversed and you can’t be voted again for the rest of the day.

Petty Murder [ ∞ ] : Forces a target to kill your victim, if your primary target is a capable killing role he will perform the attack, otherwise you will.Either attacking or primarly targetting an obsession will kill you.


[Win Condition] : Live to see all the obsessions dead.

Hi guys, I’m a new player of ToL, I’ve always loved creating my own character in a game. I wanted to create in this case, a risky NS with a decent reward.

[False hope] counterbalances the debuff of having 10 obsessions on 14 (King Excluded) and gives buffs that scales during the various phases of the game. Early redirect immunity is good to avoid falling into an obsession without wasting [Willpower] due to a Butler for example. Bleeding is good for early Assassin/CL/ and from D3 against Hunter. Death Immunity helps to face killing abilities / roles.

[Sudden Death] is basically an innate passive that explains the Lunatic’s peculiarity.

[Sixth Sense] helps your other night ability since you could potentially find a Cult/Unseen killing role, or luckily another Neutral evil or killer.

[Willpower] enhances your night killing ability , granting some safeness in case you want to try a lucky shot. The usage is limited to 2 uses only in order to let the player rely on his other ability, [Sixth Sense] and also others’ wills and claims.

[Mass Coercion] can be used as a trick to gain some time. Also good to confuse people since who voted guilty will be swapped and vice-versa, causing this to have some suspiciousness on people who tried to execute you.

[Petty Murder] is a double-edged sword, it can either cause your to death by irrationally using it, or it can successfully kill one of your obsessions.

I hope you will appreciate this role, it took me quite a while to realize it. Greetings from Italy, and pardon my English skills, I’m still learning.


DBD fan?

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No :smiley: I just thought about Michael Myers

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Why are we penalizing NKs for killing people…

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I know, I wanted an NK that is peaced and relies more about thinking, keep in mind this is my first idea post ever so I don’t know good how others NK are more effective or have a higher KPN.

Interesting concept, but not for an NK.
Try NE?

Changed to NE for his slow KPM

What’s his class type gonna be out of the 6 available?

Neutral Evil Unique?

Also you have to eliminate 10 people, but can only kill 2 of those by yourself… The win condition might be a bit too difficult.

Killer, Offensive, Support, Social, Investigative, Special.
There is no “Evil” in Throne of Lies. Unless you’re not making a class for ToL then carry on.

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People can be killed by other players too, imagine a prince being obession, another NE, or a Cult/Unseen

could Neutral Special fit? :frowning:


Ok I hope it’s ok now :frowning:

This needs to be a Day ability in order to work properly

I’d suggest making it a copy of petty murder that doesn’t visit

I thought he could have activated both his night abilities in order to chain his killing ability with Willpower

No because that’s not how night abilities work.

Its 1 ability per phase

Per cycle