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The Loved(Neutral support)


The loved (Neutral support)
Inspired by @htm

Passive-Loved: since you are loved by everyone, When a killer sees you and tries to murder your face, he will stop because he loves you. (death immune once for the entire night) Immune to occupation and redirection.

Passive-I can’t live without you:The person who you made love you will die if you die.

Day ability 1-somone love me-Choose a person. They will be notified that they must protect you (Regardless of faction) they gain a 3 use day ability that will heal you if you are attacked. Amount of uses past down to the next person. They can use another day ability in the same day. Must use this on D2

Day ability 2: if your loved one died choose another one. If they die you die.

Night ability 1. Mutal relationship-Heal the person that loves you. (2 uses since it isn’t a merc)

Night ability 2-LOOK AT ME I AM LOVED-Occupies the target.

Notes:Reaper will just consume a soul. #buff reaper
Goal: Survive

People who helped me @Lily


Not sure if I should call it neutral support. It’s a mix bettween A support and a Annoyance


Let me know if I should make a unseen version cause I like making neutrals convertible


Wow you made me into a Class.


A robot? Or a wizard… I will get your picture right one day


You should change hide it does not fit here.


Eh… okay


Maybe a ability that can occupy someone or a investigative one?


Should it rely on someone else healing it? Give it 3 uses instead of 2. So I can replace its night time ability


Yeah thats good but replace doc with Alchemist or Physician it fits more.


I gave it a occupy ability and instead requires the other person to heal them


Yeah that is a good idea.


I gtg thank you for helping me :slight_smile:


No problem.


Can’t let it stand at 13



Be gone 13.


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