The Lord - Neutral Killer

The Lord

Neutral Killer

Passive 1: Professional care - If you would die you will be healed. This passive transfers if your class changes
Passive 2: Royal Blood

Day Ability 1: Bribery - Redirect your first target to your second tonight (Unlimited)
Day Ability 2: Report - You will learn the class of anyone visiting your target tonight (3 uses)

Night Ability 1: Hired sword - Send a minion to kill target player. If you would die from visiting them the minion will die instead. (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Plot - You will appear to be a Princess to investigative ability’s tonight. Learn target player’s class and whoever visits target player tonight. (Unlimited)

Bribery will get drunk results


So you can only be lynched?

Psycho king?

Unneeded for a NK.

Unneeded with the healing from attack passive. What does observer see?

Why princess?

Healing has bypass methods. Prince, Enforcer and CW come to mind


Technically so is silence, the whisper reading on poss’s ability ect. It isn’t needed on NK in general but it IS needed for this NK in particular.

Knight bypasses healing (for some reason). Obs sees nothing.

Cuz she’s the only BD royal invest. And it needs to be a specific class because of Nightwatch, Marshal and Handmaiden.


This looks swingy.

More so than NK in general or Reaper CoD in particular?

NK’s are supposed to kill. This does more than that. Why is an NK Royal?

It’s an NK designed to become psycho king. Problem?

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Sorry, I didn’t know that. The goal is missing.

It’s an NK. The goal is the same as any other NK. What I mean is that it is well suited to becoming Psycho king, and that this fact is the purpose behind it’s design.

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This NK seems more powerful than the others because of Royal Blood, Bribery, Report, and Plot. I don’t understand why an NK would need offensive and investigative abilities anyway.

Because other NK’s have methods of bypassing protection and either bonus kills, vote manipulation or both. This one just has info and a redirect.

The only thing an NK stricly needs is a killing ability. However that doesn’t mean that an NK can’t have ability’s that serve other purposes. For example both Possessor and Reaper possess social ability’s and Possessor in particular has an investigative aspect with possess.

No set amount of uses?

Oops. Forgot. It’s unlimited, you’re giving up kills to use it so there shouldn’t be a problem

And how do we know it’s goal is to just live (like the alchemist)

plots every damn night

Also, why is it unlimited? While you do sacrifice killing power to gain investigative immunity, you could just use it forever and be confirmed good, which means that it could use it until it got to a state where it doesn’t matter if it used it or not. It sacrifices killing power to grant a one way ticket to a win, under certain circumstances.

You absolutely could. I don’t see the problem here.