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The Jouster / The Duelist


This might be a dumb idea for reasons I’m not yet aware of but hope you enjoy reading anyway.

The Jouster

Blue Dragon Killer

Joust (Day Ability) - Use the next trial to play a game of rock–paper–scissors (execute–pardon–abstain) with a player of your choice. They receive an automated whisper from you like this, I CHALLENGE YOU!

  • Draw: Be immune to their attack tonight.
  • Victory: Attack them, bypassing immunity.
  • Defeat: They are forced to attack you. This is in addition to their normal night ability, and they are not notified.

Strike (Night Ability) - If your target attacks you, attack them back. (2 uses)

Parry (Night Ability) - Be immune to your target’s attack. (2 uses)

You will lose all charges of Joust if you kill a Blue Dragon player.

How does this work? Say you use your Joust ability on someone during the day. As soon as the next trial begins, they will receive a whisper from you warning them that they are being challenged to a joust.

  • If you both vote the same way, it’s a draw.
  • Whoever votes exe (rock) beats the one who votes abs (scissors).
  • Whoever votes pard (paper) beats the one who votes exe (rock).
  • Whoever votes abs (scissors) beats the one who votes pard (paper).

The Duelist

Unseen Killer

Duel (Night Ability) - Attack a player, but force them to attack you also unless they are occupied. This is in addition to their normal night ability, and they are not notified. (Infinite uses)

Rebound (Night Ability) - Attack a player who has helped vote an Unseen player up to the stand, but didn’t vote execute. (2 uses)

Obviously to win a duel you have to play dirty by convincing someone to heal you. Rebound is supposed to punish sheep who mindlessly hop on random bandwagons. Maybe it wouldn’t be good at accomplishing that, I’m not sure.


Oh damns I’m early
Can’t think of a joke -.-
Oh wait


How does this work? confusion 100

Oh, interesting I guess? But why?

So… Mega mind games?

Seems to make Drawing useless

Basically a Mega Noob Stomper, but easily counterable

Not really worthwhile to unseen, as they need numbers… this is asking to commit no air to lungs

Sellsword? Is that you? Also Cool, Anti-VFR

It seems decent at accomplishing that to be honest, but asking for heals… thats a lot of fake bleed claims


Thanks for your feedback, I guess it’s overall positive.

How does this work? confusion 100

Did my later explanation help?

Seems to make Drawing useless

Maybe make Drawing consume a use of Parry?

Sellsword? Is that you? Also Cool, Anti-VFR

Yeah haha, I miss old Sellsword and Merc




This seems super unintuitive, and I think that’s the largest problem

You’d be better off going the Pirate route tbqh


The problem with Pirate is it’s pure rock-paper-scissors. All luck and no skill.

How is exe-pard-abs unintuitive? It’s the same game but renamed.

BTW I was just looking at ToS classes and I came up with this class after reading about the Pirate.


I could tell :stuck_out_tongue:


Literally just have the Knight guard you


Also I was obviously partly inspired by your class lol


That was inspired by @NuclearBurrito’s

Which was inspired by Tormental’s